Software Projects

I have had the opportunity to work on many different projects over the past few months, and I have to remark on how different they all are! Not only do I have different customers, but also different platforms, programming languages, IDEs, as well as client/server and cloud work mixed in. I've been having fun though, and there have been those quirks that at the time I think - I could write a post about that... Not only that, but I have been doing Scrum exclusively and using the new TFS 2012 to glue it all together.

For now, let's take a quick tour of some of the projects:
* SSIS, Access, SQLServer, Salesforce, Force.IDE, Triggers, Visual Force Pages, Data Warehouse, CosyRoc - In this project we are taking on a student lifecycle through a college at the University. This project would have been challenging if it were only the Salesforce configuration side. But then we have legacy data that we must preserve as well as new data to automate the import process via SSIS. Then all of the data needs to be neat and tidy for reporting and analysis so that everyone can have good data to base good decisions on. In the end, we get a product that should have a long lifecycle and thanks to salesforce for making a robust platform to develop on.
* Mobile Telematics, VTC-1000, Automotive Linux, Python, Fedora Core 17, Django, Mongo, OBDII, Hybrids - This is a truly different kind of project with data collection from the connected car. This is a fun project with client server components and a test environment that includes driving around in a car!
* Android, Sencha, phoneGap, client, Server, app - Another mobile application, but instead of an automotive computer, this time a smart phone. I lead a proof of concept project on this one, and now we are gearing up to run the project. One of the goals here is to write an app that will help alert the public about issues on Oregon's roadways.
* I've led a couple of proposals for new work - these are Salesforce Projects; I'm thinking that creating managed packages will be perfect for these projects.
* another project on the horizon will be another mobile computing - this time laptops and cameras - for vehicle workforce. Hopefully, I'll get to write about those soon!
* iPhone application work as well...

The new boards on TFS2012 to support Scrum are really working well for me and my projects. I recommend using them for your Scrum Projects.

That's all for now!